WPF : Insert,Update,Delete In XML

Hello friends here I am explaining how to use XML as database to store information similar as SQL database. we can perform insert, update and delete operations in xml file using LINQ to XML. this two links provides basic overview about LINQ to XML : LINQ to XML And LINQ to XML Overview Here I am create [...]


Start Programming With MSAGL (GLEE) To Create Hierarchical Graph Layouts

Add Namespace as : using System.Drawing; using System.Drawing.Imaging; using System.Windows.Forms; using Microsoft.Glee.Drawing; STEP - 1 First create one form as System.Windows.Forms.Form form = new System.Windows.Forms.Form(); STEP - 2 Now create GViewer and a Graph class object as Microsoft.Glee.GraphViewerGdi.GViewer viewer = new Microsoft.Glee.GraphViewerGdi.GViewer(); STEP - 3 Now create graph elements and call Graph.AddEdge (StartNode, EndNode) function as [...]

How To Setup GLEE?

Download MSAGL (GLEE) Libraries free of cost from http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/f1303e46-965f-401a-87c3-34e1331d32c5/ and start using in your .NET based applications for both windows and web. The package contains the following: Layout engine (Microsoft.MSAGL.dll) – The core layout functionality. This component can be used standalone in cases when visualization is handled by a tool other than MSAGL. For example, you can just use this [...]

About Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout

Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout is a .NET tool for laying out and visualizing directed graphs. It is available at github.com an open source project. The MSAGL software supplies three programming libraries: Microsoft.MSAGL.dll, a device-independent graph layout engine; Microsoft.MSAGL.Drawing.dll, a device-independent implementation of graphs as graphical user interface objects, with all kinds of graphical attributes, and support for interface [...]