Start Programming With MSAGL (GLEE) To Create Hierarchical Graph Layouts

Add Namespace as : using System.Drawing; using System.Drawing.Imaging; using System.Windows.Forms; using Microsoft.Glee.Drawing; STEP - 1 First create one form as System.Windows.Forms.Form form = new System.Windows.Forms.Form(); STEP - 2 Now create GViewer and a Graph class object as Microsoft.Glee.GraphViewerGdi.GViewer viewer = new Microsoft.Glee.GraphViewerGdi.GViewer(); STEP - 3 Now create graph elements and call Graph.AddEdge (StartNode, EndNode) function as [...]

How To Setup GLEE?

Download MSAGL (GLEE) Libraries free of cost from and start using in your .NET based applications for both windows and web. The package contains the following: Layout engine (Microsoft.MSAGL.dll) – The core layout functionality. This component can be used standalone in cases when visualization is handled by a tool other than MSAGL. For example, you can just use this [...]

About Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout

Microsoft Automatic Graph Layout is a .NET tool for laying out and visualizing directed graphs. It is available at an open source project. The MSAGL software supplies three programming libraries: Microsoft.MSAGL.dll, a device-independent graph layout engine; Microsoft.MSAGL.Drawing.dll, a device-independent implementation of graphs as graphical user interface objects, with all kinds of graphical attributes, and support for interface [...]